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Blow Moulded Plastic Tables | Ezi-Flor

Blow Moulded Plastic Tables

Ezi-Flor’s blow moulded plastic tables are widely used in the Hire and hospitality industries, these tables are of commercial grade and very strong light weight. They are an option to our steel and ply tables.

Oblong Tables

A very light and durable table with a folding leg system that can be used indoors and outdoors they are weather proof inexpensive. The tables Ezi-Flor supply are of a commercial grade and therefore stronger than others available in the market place.

Round Tables

The round blow moulded tables are available in many sizes, please see the specification data, some have umbrella holes of 32mm diameter. These are also weather proof and very easy to handle and store.



  • 1800 x 750 x 720mm high
  • 2400 x 750 x 720mm high
  • Weigh 10 kg’s
  • Folding legs


  • 900 Round x 720 high
  • 1200 round x 720 high
  • 1500 round x 720 high
  • 1800 round x 720 high
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Ezi-Flor Quality

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Strong blow moulded plastic
  • Folding legs
  • Very attractive
  • White in colour

Featured Products

Dance Floors
Dance Floors

Perfect Portable Dance Floor that will NOT come apart during use and requires NO Tools or Grub Screws. You will save at least 60% time and costs by using Ezi-Flor dance panels.

Fold & Roll Stage
Fold & Roll Stage

Ezi-Flor’s Fold & Roll stages are Dual Height with a carpeted surface. The stage set up by a single staff member saving time and money. When folded the stage module can be rolled into position or storage.

Foldable Tables
Foldable Tables

Ezi-Flor have a varied and wide range of tables, including Banquet, Venue, Bar, and Hospitality industry tables.


Ezi-Flor’s Easy Stage modules are an aluminium and Ply constructed light weight portable stage. The modules lock together with our unique Pin & Slot system ensuring rigidity and safe operation, the modules are very quick and easy to assemble and storage is not a problem.

Coloured Liquid Floors
Coloured Liquid Floors

The Ezi-Flor Coloured Liquid Dance Floor is a multipurpose flooring system that is Unique in style and appearance.

Ezi-Flor Partitions
Ezi-Flor Partitions

Ezi-Flor Partitions are great for dividing the venue into smaller sections for various functions, available in two very versatile models, EF 1 & EF 2, a range of Colours and styles.